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Projekt HTL, Ltd.
Pohranińćn√≠ 27
703 00 Ostrava - Vítkovice
Czech Republic



+420 553 034 149



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About us

Company basic data:

Company has been registered at Commercial register lead by Commercial Court in Ostrava, part C, file 23323

Commercial name:

Projekt HTL, Ltd.


Pohranińćn√≠ 27,
703 00 Ostrava - Vítkovice

Statutory representative:

Pavel ҆ebesta, Acting secretary

Registration number:


VAT No.:

CZ 25865145

ID data box:



KB Ostrava
Account number: 43-9664220277/0100


Telephone: +420 553 034 149
E-mail: htl@projekthtl.cz

Company focus ‚Äď projects, engineering, expert assistance and advisory

Company is focused on...

Branches of activities ‚Äď projects, engineering and advisory

  • machinery, metallurgy
  • power industry including distribution nets
  • water ‚Äď resources management constructions
  • environmental constructions
  • treatment, recycling and secondary material processing including waste materials
  • building projects ‚Äď civil engineering, transport sector

Company strategy

Main company targets are:

  • respect towards the customer
  • permanent entertainment
  • high technical level and quality of services ‚Äď projects of optimal solutions
  • speed, flexibility and time accuracy of services
  • favourable prices
  • team work under leadership of experienced managers

The company guarantees the customer transparency and objectivity of information.

In terms of the projection and engineering activities company Projekt HTL ensures data for optimal choice of suppliers.

V prŇĮbńõhu v√Ĺstavby kontroluje jakost, term√≠ny a ceny dod√°vek tak, aby nedoch√°zelo k navyŇ°ov√°n√≠ cen, term√≠nov√Ĺm skluzŇĮm a nedodrŇĺov√°n√≠ poŇĺadovan√© kvality.

Vybaven√≠ spoleńćnosti

Ve spoleńćnosti pracuj√≠ zkuŇ°en√≠ projektov√≠ manaŇĺeŇôi s dlouholetou prax√≠ v oboru, kteŇô√≠ ovl√°daj√≠ pr√°ci na PC a jsou vybaveni znalost√≠ ciz√≠ch jazykŇĮ.

Organizańćn√≠ struktura vych√°z√≠ z filosofie projektov√©ho Ňô√≠zen√≠ staveb a je flexibiln√≠ v z√°vislosti na rozsahu a sloŇĺitosti zak√°zek.

In-process of build-up company staff control the quality, terms and price of deliveries and thus the final price is not increased.

Company outfit

The company employs experienced project managers with long practice in branch of business, designing, project managing, having PC skills and foreign language knowledge.

The functional chart is flexible according to the scope and complexity of job orders and it is based on philosophy of project management of works.

The technical equipment of company meets usual standards, i. e. computers including software.

Co-operation and external contacts

The company in terms of its philosophy co-operates with well-known expert firms in various branches creating project complexity.

Company respects customer requirement regarding choice of co-operating companies. Projekt HTL company provides guarantees for the project as a whole.

Quality control

The company has been assessed and certified by SGS SWISS as company meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 a 14001 : 2015.

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